Senior Care Services

Senior Care Services

You might be wondering whether you or your loved one should turn to us for help. Too often seniors and their families wait to get help until symptoms of dementia arise. While we treat dementia, we can be more effective when treating the earliest symptoms of memory loss.  When looking for early signs that the brain is not functioning at an age appropriate level, notice if

Your loved one is exhibiting the following behaviors: 

  • Forgets appointments
  • Misplaces items such as keys, purse, etc
  • Has trouble remembering to take prescribed medications
  • When asked a question, it takes the senior longer than usual to process what they’ve heard.
  • They are more easily distracted
  • Difficulty recalling names and faces of people they know.
  • Begin to forget stories from their past
  • Has difficulty recalling things they were just thinking about

Please also look for these signs of depression:

  • Social isolation
  • Excessive sleep
  • Sadness
  • Unresolved grief
  • Signs of anxiety or high levels of stress
  • Difficulty adjusting to living in their senior living community


Full Service Psychology

Inspire Senior Care provides full psychological services including comprehensive cognitive, emotional, and behavioral evaluations. Evaluations are used to assist the treating clinician in creating a treatment plan specifically tailored to meet each senior’s needs. We have selected an elite team of clinicians that provide support and comfort to the senior during the aging process.

Elite Senior Care representatives

Our elite staff is highly trained in senior care and will attend to every need of you or your loved one. Our staff is screened, trained and properly licensed before they ever step foot into your senior care community. Our staff is highly educated with a minimum requirement of a Master’s degree or higher to make sure they are prepared for every situation.

Wellness plans

Beginning a treatment plan is the best step for improving overall psychological health, wellness, and maintenance health. Our Goal is to provide the right clinicians to help support maintenance, growth and the need for independence in life for all seniors.